Super Trouper

Fieldwork for the Underwater Robotics course in Ny-Ålesund is coming to an end and most of Saturday was spent packing. Luckily, during the afternoon, we got to play with the tiniest ROV a Homo sapiens has ever encountered. Nevertheless, it is probably worth something around 200 000 NOK. And yes Jørgen, it is still alive! The purpose of the ROV launching was to have a competition between the three student groups, in which the groups would try to spot and record (every scientist needs proof!) any fish that might hide around the pier. Group B and C saw a juvenile Black Guillemot, some krill and a single crab, but no fish. However, group A, also named the ROV killers, saw lots of polar cods and become the lucky winner of the ROV contest. They got two choices for the winner price; either a nice umbrella drink, or listen to a certain professor performing his version of ABBA “Super Trouper”. The choice was easy and definitely the most entertaining way to end, yet, another glories day in Ny-Ålesund!

Marthe ROV

Marthe S. has full control over the ROV. (Photo: Ingvild Andersson)

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